NORWEGIAN LOGISTICS have established Norwegian Logistics Cargo Club to support small and medium buyers of sea and airfreight in what is a difficult and complex market. There is a potential for major cost savings and increased operational benefits.


Today, in the globalized economy, companies face fluctuating markets characterised by countless transportation providers, unclear pricing models, huge variations, little transparency and a lot of coincidences.

Norwegian Logistics Cargo Club works on behalf of each and every member to obtain the best possible terms, predictability, transparency and conditions that reflects both the individual and common volumes. Norwegian Logistics have the expertise and the members support with their shipments and volumes. Together, this create a stronger player in the market aiming to provide confidence and cost savings for the members.

 The sea freight market, in particular, is characterised by the multitude of firms operating with highly variable price structures. Effectively, very few knows what they have to pay until the bill is settled. For example, seemingly similar importers pay completely different prices for the shipping of the same goods on the same trade lanes. The reason – they negotiate their contracts individually. By joining Norwegian Logistics Cargo Club, you will get all the benefits of cooperative procurement

Together we are strong

Norwegian Logistics offers the expertise and market insight to negotiate better prices and solutions – based on the needs and requirements of each individual customer.

The concept is based on achieving benefits from the total volume of all Cargo Club members while acting in the best interests of each individual company. Cargo Club appears as a major market player, which in return provide attractive conditions and efficiencies. In addition, we are constantly seeking optimized solutions for each individual member based on the scale of synergies. As an example, what if you could share a container from China or a vehicle from Italy with another member?

Marked industry knowledge

Joining Cargo Club does not mean outperforming the markets. but performing the markets better!  For instance, the average freightrates from Asia to Europe increased by 99 per cent from the beginning of March to the end of May. It is very easy to navigate wrong in such market! To avoid this, it is important to collect information from many sources and play the marked, but also use independent marked institutions, pricing tools and freight indices. This is what Norwegian Logistics are experts at, and what we will use to your advantage.

Try yourself?

In theory, this is something we all can do ourselves. It has been tried several times, including various trade associations. Often, successes have failed to materialise because companies have second thoughts about sharing information. Norwegian Logistics Cargo Club is acting in this respect as a neutral intermediate and can make use of shared information without any unauthorised third parties gaining access. Norwegian Logistics has all the prerequisites in place to achieve this in the best possible way as we monitor the markets and negotiate there on a daily basis. This knowledge will provide customers with confidence in relation to transit times, solutions and conditions.

We are already up and running and several of our customers have already benefited with significant results. Contact us for more information.

Contact details are available here:

May you all – customers present and future, as well as collaborative partners – have a really great summer!


Norwegian Logistics AS is Norway’s leading advisory firm in the transportation and logistics sector. As Norway’s biggest neutral buyer of logistics services, we negotiate and manage substantial volumes. This provides us with experience and knowledge that no one else in the market can offer.”