About us


Norwegian Logistics is the # 1 purchaser of freight and logistics services in the Nordics, negotiating and managing extensive volumes in the region with a unique experience and knowledge second to none.

We hold an in depth knowledge of available terms and conditions across most business verticals enabling us to assess your logistics set up and contracts.

Optimizing your logistics set up is our core business!

“With our unique market knowledge and best in class methodologies we shall help our customers to achieve the most competitive and best logistics solution in the market place. Furthermore, we shall be the natural choice for neutral logistics consulting.”

Customer Satisfaction

By utilizing our unique knowledge in the market place, we shall continuously develop best in class optimized solutions and stand out as the # 1 player in the business.


We shall stick to decisions made and execute them efficiently


We shall be a company with a great degree of openness, exchange of views and skills upgrading.

Fun at Work

We shall be a company in which colleagues flourish and generate results together.