Why us

Reducing your freight spend by 10-25 %

Nordic businesses are challenged by the highest freight spend in Europe. How can we jointly increase your competitive edge in the marketplace by optimizing your logistics set up and reduce the overall costs associated with the handling and distribution of your products?

Ask yourself the following:


  • Does your company have sufficient time, tools and internal resources ensuring an optimal distribution program?
  • Has your company been able to achieve the most competitive rates the market can offer considering compliance, requirements and needs – only it is not documented?
  • Is your current logistics and distribution program aligned and compliant with the constantly yet rapidly shifting trends and market changes?
  • Are you able to effortlessly compare different offers from a number of logistics service providers (LSPs) or the financial impacts of applying changes to your current logistics solution?
  • Does your company have enough buying power and market knowledge to negotiate the best possible rates in the market place?


We understand that obtaining the optimal mix of suppliers and services delivering a compliant and most competitive logistics set up can be a challenge without the “outside in” view on the constantly and rapidly shifting market conditions. Our competence, independence, total negotiated volume and buying power deliver cost efficient solutions reducing our client’s total freight spend by 10-25 %. By assuming an end-to-end responsibility and commitment to the success of the project from start to finish we have on average reduced the freight spend by 18 % on behalf of our clients without compromising the service level.